Today’s Workplace Part 1

16 March 2016

Today’s Workplace Part 1

As society grows and changes, technology evolves and, new generations enter the workforce, what policies and procedures have worked in the past may not be relevant in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. In this webinar we discussed:

Managing the risks of adverse action and unlawful discrimination in recruitment:

  • can you trust what social media says about a candidate and what are the risks of relying on it?;
  • the do’s and do not’s of drafting job advertisements; and
  • how interview notes may lead to a legal claims.

Social media:

  • understanding when a post has a connection to employment;
  • ownership of social media contacts after termination; and
  • humour vs harassment and knowing where to draw the line.

The ageing workforce:

  • discrimination in recruitment;
  • workers compensation issues; and
  • making reasonable adjustments.

Getting the most out of Gen Y:

  • investing in training and development;
  • tapping into a unique skill set;
  • specific retention strategies; and
  • is there a culture of entitlement?

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