PCS is a firm that acts primarily for employers and management.
However, our expertise in all aspects of workplace relations law
and strategy makes us one of the most valued experts in this area
if you are an executive/high net worth employee.

Areas of Work

Some of the areas where we can assist you are:

  • advice on the termination of your employment (whether for misconduct, performance or redundancy grounds);
  • advice on issues of discrimination, bullying or harassment at work;
  • advice on a new contract of employment that you have been asked to sign;
  • strategies for negotiations around severance payments or restraints;
  • representation in employment litigation and disputes; and
  • putting you in touch with our extensive network of recruiters and career transition experts.

How We Work

It is a requirement of engaging PCS that you attend an initial meeting
with us at our Sydney offices, or via videoconference for those located
elsewhere. We ask that you bring your most recent employment
contract with you and any other critical documentation to the meeting
or send to your PCS contact in advance.

At our initial meeting we will most commonly:

  • ask you for a brief history of your employment situation;
  • understand from you what it is you are seeking to achieve by engaging us;
  • provide preliminary legal and strategic advice; and
  • agree with you on next steps in your matter and discuss time and cost estimates.

Engage PCS

  • To engage our Firm and proceed to an initial meeting, please review and complete the fillable form

  • An initial consultation with the Managing Principal is $1250, or $990 otherwise (inclusive of GST). Payment is required prior to or at the commencement of the meeting. This payment represents the cost of a 45 minute meeting and assumes that we will not have conducted any detailed analysis of any relevant documents. Should you wish for any pre-meeting review of relevant documents to be conducted, we will provide a quote to you for this work.