Online Course

Workplace Law Fundamentals

Human Resources , Legal

Course Duration:

1hr 15min

Course Overview

This course provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Australian labour and employment law. It will enable you to:

  • identify the various sources of employment obligations, including employment contracts, Awards, Enterprise Agreements and the Fair Work Act;
  • understand policies and procedures in an employment context;
  • classify employees and assess basic employee entitlements;
  • assess relevant considerations throughout the employment life-cycle; and
  • recognise common types of claims and the institutions involved in resolving such claims.


This course is suitable for human resource practitioners and line managers who are involved in the day-to-day management of employment matters.

Approximate Completion Time

1 hour and 15 minutes

Course Content


The main sources of employment obligations

This component outlines:

  • sources and hierarchy of employment obligations;
  • the employment contract, including executive employment contracts, and implied terms;
  • policies and procedures with respect to workplace issues or conduct;
  • The Fair Work Act;
  • Modern Awards and enterprise agreements; and
  • Work Health and Safety considerations.
Module 2

Basic entitlements of employees

This component provides an overview of employee entitlements arising from a combination of sources. These include:

  • distinguishing between employees and other types of workers;
  • the National Employment Standards;
  • maximum weekly hours;
  • the various types of leave (including annual, personal, carer’s, compassionate, long service and community service) and public holidays;
  • flexible working arrangements;
  • notice of termination and redundancy pay;
  • the Fair Work Information Statement; and
  • casual conversion offers.
Module 3

Consequences of non-compliance

This component deals with the common types of claims an employer may face. These include:

  • breach of National Employment Standards or an industrial instrument;
  • unfair dismissal applications;
  • breaches of anti-discrimination laws;
  • bullying or harassment claims;
  • general protections claims;
  • breach of contract; and
  • misleading and deceptive conduct claims.

This component also covers the principal institutions that deal with such claims.

Course Fees

Completion of the course requires a licence, which is issued upon registration and payment.

A standalone licence for this course is $195.00 including GST.

Discounts are available for organisations purchasing ten or more licences. Please email to request a quote.