Online Course

Work Health and Safety

Human Resources , Legal , Work Health & Safety

Course Duration:

1hr 4min

Course Overview

This course provides guidance on the key basic duties and obligations under work health and safety (“WHS”) laws, enabling you to:

  • identify the relevant duty holders, including a person conducting a business or undertaking (“PCBU”), a worker and what is meant by the workplace;
  • understand some of the basic duties of a PCBU and the possible penalties for failure to comply;
  • identify who is an "officer" for WHS laws and what are officer's proactive and independent health and safety duties;
  • identify when to consult with other businesses;
  • understand when it is necessary to report incidents in the workplace; and
  • recognise that health and safety is not limited to physical health but extends to psychological health.


This course is suitable for anyone who is involved in managing workplace health and safety in an organisation, including HR Managers, WHS Managers and Officers of corporate bodies.

Approximate Completion Time

50 minutes

Course Content


What is work health and safety (WHS)?

This component provides an overview of the:

  • key aspects of WHS legislation;
  • legal obligations of a PCBU including workplace incidents or injury prevention/reduction; and
  • regulatory framework under specific state and territory regimes.
Module 2

WHS basic duties and key concepts

This component looks at the fundamental definitions and basic WHS duties.

We consider the following:

  • duties of a PBCU;
  • what is a “primary duty of care”;
  • who is a worker and what is the workplace;
  • duties of workers and others;
  • the hierarchy of control; and
  • offences and penalties.
Module 3

Duty of Officers

This component considers who is an officer of a PCBU and the due diligence required to ensure that the PCBU complies with its WHS duties.

Module 4


This component considers the PCBU’s requirement to consult not only with its own employees, but also with contractors, subcontractors and its workers and consultation between PCBUs.

Module 5

Incident notification

This component considers the following:

  • introduction to “notifiable incidents”;
  • what is a notifiable incident;
  • how to reduce the risk of a notifiable incident; and
  • dealing with regulator investigations.
Module 6

Other challenges in WHS

This component will enable you to recognise that WHS is not limited to physical health, and offers practical examples of its broader application, including:

  • working from home;
  • smoke-free environments;
  • bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment; and
  • cultural considerations.
Module 7

Moving forward

We close this course by seeing your WHS system as being adaptive to new laws, risks and hazards as they arise, in addition to the individuality of each business.

Course Fees

Completion of the course requires a licence, which is issued upon registration and payment.

A standalone licence for this course is $195.00 including GST.

Discounts are available for organisations purchasing ten or more licences. Please email to request a quote.