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Performance Management

Human Resources , Legal

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Course Overview

This course seeks to challenge your thinking and approach to managing performance and equip you with the ability to:

  • understand and self-analyse the challenges of managing performance effectively in your organisation;
  • define, align and communicate your organisation's approach to performance management within the context of the broader operational and cultural goals;
  • identify and manage the risks associated with performance management within a disciplinary context; and
  • design and implement a performance management process that specifically fits the needs of your organisation.


This course is suitable for HR and L&D professionals at all levels, and anyone who is involved in managing performance within their organisation.

Approximate Completion Time

55 minutes

Course Content


Foundations of performance management

This component sets the foundation for the course, focusing on what is “performance” and what your organisation may be trying to achieve by effectively managing it.

In this component we consider:

  • what “performance” is;
  • why we “manage” performance;
  • when we manage performance; and
  • what a “high performance culture” is.
Module 2

Challenges to effective performance management

This component sets out a number of the common difficulties that organisations face when managing the performance of employees. These include:

  • identifying the problem;
  • misperception of performance management;
  • equipping managers to manage;
  • having difficult conversations; and
  • the problem with tick-a-box approaches to performance management.

At the end of this component we will ask you to reflect on some of the specific challenges you face in relation to the performance management processes and procedures within your organisation.

Module 3

Legal risks

This component deals with the most common areas of legal risk faced by organisations in the context of managing employees’ performance.

Module 4

An Employment Life-Cycle approach

This component will explore the Employment Life-Cycle approach to performance management, with a focus on practical tips and scenarios that we often see organisations seeking to implement.

In this component we consider:

  • pre-hire analysis;
  • hiring and induction;
  • day-to-day performance management;
  • performance reviews;
  • managing poor performers; and
  • disciplinary action.

Course Fees

Completion of the course requires a licence, which is issued upon registration and payment.

A standalone licence for this course is $195.00 including GST.

Discounts are available for organisations purchasing ten or more licences. Please email to request a quote.