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Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying at Work

Human Resources , Legal

Course Duration:


Course Overview

This course will enable you to:

  • identify the legal framework regarding workplace bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment;
  • understand key concepts such as direct and indirect discrimination and reasonable management action;
  • recognise who is responsible for such conduct, including the obligations of employees; and
  • understand how complaints are made and the legal process.


This course has been designed to discharge an organisation’s compliance obligations and can be used as part of an organisation’s induction and onboarding processes.

We suggest that managers and those with people management responsibility in your organisation complete the “Behaviour and Culture for Managers and HR Practioners” course.

Approximate Completion Time

1 hour

Course Content


Unlawful Discrimination

In this component, we will look at:

  • the range of characteristics that are protected under discrimination law;
  • the difference between “direct” and “indirect” discrimination;
  • prohibiting discrimination;
  • specific types of discrimination; and
  • victimisation and vilification.
Module 2

Sexual harassment

In this component, we will look at:

  • the definition of sexual harassment;
  • common types of conduct which may constitute sexual harassment; and
  • a sexual harassment case study.


Module 3

Workplace bullying

In this component we consider:

  • the definition of workplace bullying and the development of workplace bullying laws;
  • types of workplace behaviour that is not bullying, including reasonable management action;
  • the obligations of employees and employers with respect to bullying; and
  • online bullying.
Module 4

Responsibility for discrimination, harassment and bullying at work

In this component we consider:

  • how legal liability for prohibited conduct can arise;
  • vicarious liability; and
  • key components of taking preventive action.


Module 5

Complaints and legal processes

In this component we outline:

  • how complaints can be made;
  • the role of the Fair Work Commission and the Australian Human Rights Commission; and
  • the Courts and legal processes.

Course Fees

Completion of the course requires a licence, which is issued upon registration and payment.

A standalone licence for this course is $95.00 including GST.

Discounts are available for organisations purchasing ten or more licences. Please email to request a quote.