Work Health & Safety: Risks and Obligations

WHS Basics

This program is suitable for entire workforce and all industries regardless of position and hours of work


It will cover topics including:

  • Basic obligations of workers (employees and contractors) and PCBUs
  • Penalties
  • Regulations/Codes of Practice
  • Consultation (PCBU and worker)
  • Powers of safety inspectors and unions
  • Incident reporting and non-disturbance
  • Officers – due diligence obligations
  • Working from home
  • Isolated/remote work
  • Manual handling
  • Bullying/psychological risks

WHS – Dealing with Incidents and the Regulator

This program is suitable for Manager and Leaders or those who are required to deal with incidents in the workplace


It will cover topics including those in WHS Basics but with greater depth/focus on:

  • Managing WHS complaints/issues
  • Understanding when to report to the safety regulator and insurers
  • Non-disturbance of incident sites
  • Dealing with investigations, notices and prosecutions by safety regulators, including visits by safety inspectors
  • Legal professional privilege
  • Hierarchy of control and implementing change
  • Dealing with third parties – coroner, police, unions

WHS – Officers’ Due Diligence Obligations

This program is suitable for Board members, directors, company secretaries or those heavily involved in the management of the organisation and who can impact he organisation’s finances or Board direction


It will cover topics including those in WHS Basics but with greater depth/focus on an officer’s independent duty of due diligence under WHS laws

  • Acquiring and keeping up to date knowledge of WHS matters
  • Understanding the nature of the operations of the business/undertaking and generally of the hazards and risks associated with those operations
  • Ensuring the business/undertaking has available for use, and uses, appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise WHS risks
  • Ensuring the business/undertaking has appropriate processes for receiving and consideration information regarding incidents, hazards and risk and responding in a timely way
  • Ensuring the business/undertaking has and implements processes for complying with its WHS duties and obligations at law
  • Verifying the provision and use of resources to comply with the above


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