Joellen Riley

Dr Joellen Riley is Professor of Labour Law at Sydney Law School, where she teaches employment law subjects in the Master of Labour Law and Relations program (including Advanced Employment Law, and Executive Employment), and a range of commercial law subjects in the undergraduate LLB curriculum. She is co-author with Rosemary Owens and Jill Murray of The Law of Work (OUP), now in its second edition. A digested version of her doctoral thesis has been published as Employee Protection at Common Law (Federation Press, 2005).

Joellen has also published a number of books on federal workplace legislation, includingIndependent Work Contracts (Thomson, 2007). She is also a co-editor of the Australian Journal of Labour Law, and has published a number of articles on aspects of employment and workplace relations law.

Joellen joined People + Culture Strategies as a Consultant in March 2011.