Compliance & Audit Services


The consequences for organisations failing to comply with their legal obligations under the Fair Work Act, awards or enterprise agreements can be significant and in some instances can involve individuals being personally prosecuted. With a very active Fair Work Ombudsman, PCS regularly assists organisations through conducting audits that will result in organisations understanding where they may be non-compliant and then working with you to remedy these areas.

Case Study

PCS recently acted for an overseas corporation that was looking to acquire an Australian business. The overseas corporation was aware that there had been allegations made against the Australian business of non-compliance with obligations under the relevant award. As part of the due diligence process, PCS conducted a detailed “award compliance analysis” exercise whereby based on position descriptions and remuneration data PCS was able to advise the overseas corporation of whether relevant employees were being paid correctly under the award that should have applied to their employment. The calculation of potential underpayment was factored in to the commercial aspects of the transaction. After the transaction was completed, steps were taken to issue new employment contracts to all staff.

Contract & HR Policy Review

The contract of employment remains the cornerstone of the relationship between employer and employee. Organisations who fail to review and update their contracts of employment and fail to ensure that they adhere to good contract administration face significant legal risk and also send a negative message to their workforce. Similarly, while organisations often embrace a tick-a-box approach to policies and procedures, there is a need for all organisations to spend an appropriate level of time and energy in ensuring their policies work for the organisation. PCS offers a comprehensive suite of services in this space that will allow your organisation to be an employer of choice, legally compliant and strategically geared for success in its relationships with its people.