Personal Risk for HR and Executives

HR and other executives generally accept that that their employer can be liable for the actions of its workers. Surprisingly though, many of the same executives often overlook the fact that they can become personally liable where their employer is found to have breached a range of employment or safety legislation.

This webinar:

  • provided a refresher on the sources of personal liability for HR professionals and other executives;
  • explored the commonality of interests between those Executives and the company; and
  • outlined strategies for aligning personal risk management with the best interests of the company.

Bargaining for your brand: Enterprise Agreements that protect your brand inside and out

A properly negotiated enterprise agreement can bring about significant productivity improvements and flexibility to your workforce as well as protecting your brand and organisation. Almost half a decade on from the approval of the first batch of enterprise agreements under the Fair Work regime, we look back at some key trends as well as what you can do to negotiate an agreement that works for your organisation.

This webinar explores:

  • trends in enterprise agreements;
  • how to introduce productivity improvement and flexibility into your agreement;
  • the Enterprise Bargaining process – key steps and common mistakes; and
  • how to effectively manage the relationship with bargaining representatives (including unions).