Everything you always wanted to know about sexual harassment (but were too afraid to ask)

When there is an allegation of sexual harassment, the circumstances are rarely cut and dry and often require HR professionals to deal with grey areas of the law outside of their comfort zone. To make matters more challenging, in cases where allegations are substantiated the consequences can be damaging, if not devastating.

In this webinar, we looked at a few “outside the square” issues in sexual harassment such as:

  • Appearance, dress and personality – factors that “lead” to sexual harassment?
  • How much can you pry about people’s personal relationships outside of work?
  • Sexual assault in the workplace – is it your duty to report to the police?


Managing Redundancies

This webinar addressed managing redundancies in today’s environment, including:

  • Commonly cited reasons for redundancies.
  • Understanding what constitutes a “genuine redundancy”.
  • Knowing when another ground of termination is more appropriate.
  • Redundancy and change management.
  • The do’s and don’ts of handling redundancies.

Negotiation Strategies in the Workplace

One of the most underdeveloped skills for professionals is the art of negotiation. Joydeep Hor, in this unique Webinar, shared some of the theory and practice of effective negotiations in the workplace.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Anchoring.
  • Ultimatums.
  • Saving face.
  • Creating value in a deal.

Absenteeism, Unfit-for-work employees and Wellbeing

Managing absenteeism and injured employees in the workplace can be a complex issue – determining reasons for absence, navigating doctors’ reports, and carefully treading the line between management and discipline are no easy tasks. As an employer, how do you decide if an employee is fit or unfit for work and what can you do once you have?

Issues discussed in this webinar included:

  • uncovering reasons behind absenteeism;
  • the links between absenteeism and workplace culture;
  • understanding when an employee is unfit for work;
  • making reasonable accommodations and adjustments;
  • getting the right medical information; and
  • best practice tips for managing employee absenteeism.