We are very pleased to launch our “Guide to Services” which offers clients of PCS further transparency and choice in how they work with our firm.

Enquire about the “Guide to Services”


The innovative decision to release a detailed publication setting out our broad suite of services and also a number of different pricing models for our clients reflects the core commitment of PCS to:

>   creating value for employers around the country; and

>   showcasing that PCS is genuinely a hybrid of a law firm  and management consulting practice.

As most of our clients and business partners are aware, PCS has crafted a unique space in the labour and employment law market as a firm committed to working with clients proactively to prevent legal issues arising or at least create a framework for impact minimisation if issues do arise.

Key benefits for clients

Complimentary Telephone Advice

The introduction of the “PCS Partnership” which allows clients to have access to members of our firm’s legal team for complimentary "sounding board" advice included within the nominal annual fee of $5000;

More Services

In addition to the full benefits of the “PCS Partnership,” our monthly retainer arrangements have been expanded to include an enhanced range of services in the areas of Strategic HR Consulting and Leadership Development, Coaching and Executive Education Programs;

Price Certainty

A broad suite of services are available to clients for a fixed fee so that clients have absolute certainty and receive no surprises. These services range from contract tailoring and HR manual preparation through to advising on key employees going to competitors and even representation in proceedings in the Fair Work Commission, as well as all of our leadership development offerings.

My fellow Directors and other members of our Leadership Team have committed to making time to meet with (or at the very least speak to) you about the opportunities afforded to you that best suit your needs as an employer, your direction as an organisation and, importantly, your budgetary requirements. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to speak to us about shared value-creation.


We very much look forward to increasing the touchpoints of the relationship between your organisation and PCS through this initiative and we welcome any feedback on this and all aspects of our firm’s value proposition.



Joydeep Hor

Founder & Managing Principal