Sep 07 - Sep 08
All Day

Legal Concepts for Emerging HR Professionals

Executive Education


Duration: 2 full days

Suitable for: Entry-level HR professionals 


  • Overview of the Australian labour and employment law system including awards, agreements, relevant tribunals and legislations
  • Discrimination, harassment, bullying and EEO
  • Work health and safetly
  • Migration law
  • Termination of employment
  • Contracts of employment: the basics
  • Policies, procedures and their enforcement
  • The litigation process



Legal Basics for Emerging HR Professionals is PCS’s signature two-part training program designed for junior HR professionals or line managers. The program provides those starting out in HR with an understanding of important HR legal issues although the program is equally suitable for those with greater levels of experience wishing to develop their HR expertise or for seasoned HR professionals seeking a refresher.

Consistent with PCS’ commitment to innovation and partnering with its clients, these sessions will not be lectures but will rather be delivered in an interactive and experiential way based on our firm’s significant expertise with high levels of participation expected from attendees.

Attendees will receive a tool-kit of documents and will develop or deepen their understanding of a range of fundamental HR legal issues, including the law from hiring to firing, the hierarchy of instruments and documents, the meaning behind certain clauses in a contract, protecting organisations and individuals from liability and what happens if it all goes wrong.


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